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Rockport Sign Was Donated To The Town Of Rockport By Rockport Alumni Association.


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This site is presented for your enjoyment. It is a simple method to preserve some of the memories of the Rockport/Echols area. The site will be in the construction phase for some time to come, as a lot of material has been made to add to the site. The pictures and presented material are meant for your enjoyment only and they are ideas and memories of those that have helped put the site together. We think that all of the site material is true, although actual research was not something that we relished. While not necessarily factual, no attempt has been made to present an untruth. Hilma, Bobby, Betty, Harold, and Shirley are mentioned and thanked in the "Introduction" Section. These people are the ones that have helped most and without their help, I could not have put together this web site. Feel free to make comments to me.

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