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Ceralvo, Kentucky
"The Church"

Ceralvo, Kentucky-The Church.

The above picture is of the Methodist Church in Ceralvo. The Church also served as a Masonic Lodge. It is still standing, and continues to serve the community, not only by the local people, but by "Friends and Kin" of most of the people that ever lived in that area. A few people still live in this small town on Green River, but houses and people are steadily decreasing. Ceralvo is an old river town that has a history somewhat like Rockport.

My most pleasant memories of Ceralvo is of the "Homecomings" at the Church. Ah, what a wonderful time all had, and a most delightful meal ever to be enjoyed. This was my first taste of a "Buffet". In my pre-teen years and even in early teenage years, our family would head out to Ceralvo for each "Annual Homecoming". I had to be forced to go, as my idea of a fun Sunday would be to play, fish, or hunt and not to attend a "Homecoming". Once there, I always enjoyed myself. After all, the meals were good and there was always some girl, my age, that I would meet and run with for that particular day. Ah, Ceralvo. Guessing, I would say that the picture of the Church was taken in the late forties, maybe a little earlier. I have been to Ceralvo recently and the Church seems to be everlasting. Since the picture was taken, the Cemetery, behind the Church, may have had a member or two added and the trees are now a little larger, but the Church is still in use. Lead on people and friends of Ceralvo.

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