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Rockport Presbyterian Church.
Picture Furnished By George Boyd.
Picture Probably Taken In 1937.
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A jrd stat on 2/2/06. Revised on 5/21/11.
Revised on 11/12/13

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The Rockport Presbyterian Church was established in 1892 and a nice building was erected just below the Rockport Water Works Pump House. Concrete sidewalks in front and to the side of the Church and a wrought iron fence between the sidewalk and the church property really set this church off. A concrete walk from the front sidewalk leading up to the large concrete steps even added more to the character of the church. Parking was limited, but even 50 years later, there was sufficient street parking for all church members. Some members even walked to church and that is one of the reasons that made a small town great.

My first memories of this nice old church was in the late forties and early fifties. Dave Sneddon was the superintendent, Pete Mason was an Elder and Mr. Woodrow Park was Sunday School Teacher. I can remember Dave Sneddon getting out of his old car and walking up the walk and steps to the church. An imposing figure, indeed. In the early fifties, the church hired a new preacher by the name of Jim Rigsby and it seemed that the young membership increased. Jim Rigsby continued for a few years and then John A. Lile, from Central City became the new pastor. John A. was the pastor for only a short period of time when the church caught fire and burned. I am thinking that the time frame was in the winter of 1957.

Rockport had lost another treasure because of fire. The church officials decided that a move was in the best interest of the church and purchased land and built a nice brick church on Main Street just a few blocks from Highway 62. John A. Lile continued for several more years as pastor and the Church attendance and membership continued to increase. John A. was a contributing factor in the nice growth of the church, but decided it was time for a change. He was replaced by Brother Howze. Prior to John A. Lile leaving the church, Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church was in need of a Minister, and the decision was made for John A. to pastor Mt. Zion as well as Rockport. Membership, by now, was in the declining stages for both churches. Brother Howze continued to share both churches when he replaced John A. Lile, and he stayed until it was time for him to retire. John A. Lile returned and never seem to look back. Time and circumstances seem to have a means of changing people and things and John A. decided to retire. For the next twenty or so years, this fine old church was served by several different preachers. I just do not have any recollection of names until Larry Isakson became the new Minister. Larry is from Russellville, but he continues to do a great job as the Rockport Presbyterian Minister. May he serve this grand old church for many more years.

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Rockport Presbyterian Church 4/17/07

Current Rockport Presbyterian Church.
Photo by jrd on 4/17/07.

Church Minister-----------------Disbanded.

Sunday School------------------Closed.

Sunday Morning Church---------Closed.

Sunday Evening Worship--------Closed

And Now There Is One!
It is with great displeasure that I will inform all that the Rockport Presbyterian Church held its' last service a few months back and is now in the process of disbanding. The Presbytery, or area governing body of the church, has assumed the responsibility of completing the disbandment. The local membership, Rockport and Rockport residents have endured another sorrow. This old River Town has seen many changes in its' existence, and like this closing, some of these changes have been negative. The town continues to bounce back. Let us hope it will endure this last misfortune.

And now, there is one! The Rockport Baptist Church, to my knowledge, is now the only church in Rockport. In the fifties, when I was roaming the streets and the countryside of Rockport, there seemed to be a church on about every corner. The Church Of God, The Baptist Church, The Methodist Church, and The Presbyterian Church were active and open to serve the community. I probably left out a church or two and if so, please feel free to correct my statement. As time elapsed, a small church or two would open. The Rockport Christian Fellowship was one such church and there were others. Maybe the world changed after the sixties. Some say that after JFK was assassinated in 1963, the devil was able to recruit more members and the local churches started to see a decline in membership. And now there is only one. Let us all hope and pray that this trend of closing churches, in this area and guess the country, will reverse and God will become more of a mainstay in family life.

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