A Kentucky Sunset
Cundiff's Grocery.

Traveling generally, southeast on Hwy. 1245, and about a half mile from Hwy. 62 is a small parcel of land where John Boone was in the grocery business. About a half mile from John Boone's store and on the opposite side of the road was a store owned by Harry and Ada Cundiff. This store was operated a short time in the early fifties.

Harry and Ada Cundiff were long time residents of the "Pumpkin Ridge" section of the Echols area. They owned a house on the Rockport side of Hwy 1245. In this time frame and in this area, the grocery business looked promising and Harry and Ada Cundiff decided to build a small store next to their house and opened a grocery. They stayed in business for only a few years. I can remember passing the Cundiff's place, but do not recall ever being inside the store. It was just a small store and by now, shoppers were going to the larger stores in Beaver Dam and Hartford.

This general area was really not Echols, but as kids, any area along Hwy. 1245 was Echols to us. The Rockport town boundary line, is now, almost to the old John Boone Grocery Store. Thus, suspect that the Echols boundary extends to this line and that would place Harry Cundiff's old property as well as John Boone's old store in the Echols township. Regardless, in the mid twentieth century, there were at least five grocery stores located along Hwy. 1245 and extending from Hwy. 62 until Harvey Robinson's Grocery. I am not sure that all were in operation at the same time and also realize that I have left out a store or two.

Again, my knowledge of Cundiff's Grocery is very limited. I will be glad to add information to this web page if and when it becomes available. Thus, feel free to send me pictures and/or info. Thanks for looking.

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