Shim's Grocery!
Old Store building as it is today.
Following story-Circa 1940's.
Rockport, KY.

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Please be advised that the following material is not "Facts & Figures", but just a few things that I remember from the past.  Parts may be inaccurate and feel free to let me know if any inaccuracies exist.

Arthur & Minnie McCombs owned and operated a small grocery in Rockport, KY in the forties and fifties-probably in the thirties also, but I am not in the know on this.  Don't know when they opened this store, just know that this small store was one of the first that I ever remembered.  This store was mostly for business and as a kid under ten, you just did not fool around in the store.  Was impressed with the dark wooden floors and the dark wooden walls and visual images of this old store will never leave my mind; well hope not.  Be advised that I may reminisce for the next few paragraphs and unless you want to travel there, please scroll down to the end and look at the date and time.  If you are still here, thanks. 
A story of Shim's Grocery would not be complete unless a person had a visual impression of Shim and the McCombs.  Shim was probably in his late forties when I first saw him.  He was of average height, a little on the chubby side and had a round face.  Was always pleasant to me.  Minnie, his wife, was a typical housewife of those days and sometimes worked in the store.  She was a very slender woman that always seemed to be wearing an apron, but did not all ladies in that time frame. They had one son that I knew of, but he graduated from Rockport High School in the late forties/early fifties and I knew very little about him.  As I recall, he was tall and athletic looking, but just did not fit in the athlete mode.  Don't remember him wearing glasses, but don't think that he ever endeavored in sports.  Think that his name was Aaron McCombs, but may have that wrong............
Shim McCombs, as we all knew him, operated his store until he retired and then shut it down.  A new grocer was in town and he was taking Shim's business, but that is another story.  Hope to expound on Jamie Reid becoming the new trend setter in the next episode.
Shim was a character, that if you ever knew him, you would not forget him.  He was good in business, but his characteristics went beyond that.  He was one of the world's worst drivers.  In this county, there are a lot of bad drivers.  Well, Shim, had all of them beat.  In the early fifties, most of the young boys in Rockport would try to get to Central City on Saturday to take in a feature movie at the local theater.  We would just not consider Beaver Dam as an option.  It was always Central City.  Our favorite was, of either Roy Rogers or Gene Autry.  Lash Larue or Tom Mix movies were not bad.  Just as long as it was a Western Movie, it was fine with us.  We would have to hitch-hike to Central City and then walk to downtown to watch the movie.  We were always advised to watch with whom to accept a ride with and advised to turn a deaf ear to Shim.  A stranger was OK, but don't  get in Shim's truck.  Shim drove a Chevrolet PickUp Truck.  Think that it was a 1948 or 1949 Black Chevrolet Pickup-may have been dark green.  Anyway, just don't catch a ride with Shim was the warning to all of us.  Saw a lot of western movies on Saturday and rode with whomever would pick us up, but never rode with Shim. 

Have been long on the start of Shim's business and need to back up.  Will have more coming................As usual, if you tire of this type mail, just let me know.  Otherwise, all that I need is an address and a rainy day.

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