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Drakesboro-Paradise Map In 1937!

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Paradise Area.

Paradise, Kentucky, physically, is no more! It is still in the minds of some, but these actual memories from experiences are fading. Soon, only stories, pictures and written material will be all that is left. Airdrie Hill, a nearby landmark, can not resist the elements much longer. Indian Knoll, just across the river was completely excavated in 1960. The Paradise Ferry ceased to operate in 1967. The Paradise Cemetery was in a deplorable condition until the Paradise Steam Power Plant personnel decided to remove years of brush and growth and make it a presentable place for gravesite visits. The big Paradise Power Plant has seen better days and EPA is making rules and regulations that will probably shut down half of the power plant's generators in the near future. History was made in this area. Not much of the area is going to be left unless something is done to preserve the remains.

This area was settled in the early nineteenth century and became known as Stom's Landing after Leonard Stom opened and operated a ferry on the Green River. A Post Office was opened in 1852.

Peabody's coal train, as depicted in John Prine's hit song, did not haul this small Western Kentucky town away. The complete town, including the post office was purchased by The Tennessee Valley Authority and ceased to exist in 1967. This small area of Kentucky played a big part in the development of Kentucky from hundreds of years before the birth of Christ until now. Just across the Green River at Paradise, an ancient Indian burial ground, called Indian Knoll existed. In general, average citizens have looked over and dug in this area for Indian artifacts and Archeologist have made three major digs here, once in 1915, once during the WPA days in the thirties, and again in 1960.

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