Rockport Railroad Bridge.
Spanning The Green River.
A jrd stat on 5/6/05.

~~ Rockport 2005 ~~
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Rockport Railroad Bridge

Old Steam Engine Train
:) Mouseover Train
Rockport Railroad Bridge has been around for several years; long before I can remember.  Now at this age, there has to be plenty of history, lots of tales, some true, some not, and rumors concerning the old bridge.  I have been, as with most people that grew up in Rockport, over, under, on top, and on the side of the old bridge.  I have even jumped off the bridge into Green River.  Yes, and practically every kid that ever swam in the river, has at one time, jumped from the middle pier or the bridge itself into the Green River.  I have wanted to jump off the bridge and/or the trestle when a train and I occupied that area at the same time.  It is an eerie feeling, as a young lad, to be holding on to the bridge or trestle as a train crosses.  You and the train are only a few feet apart. Fifty years or so ago, the trains were "Steam Engine" trains and with their noise and the steam and smoke, they were even more frightening. I have climbed the super-structure for a view, for a dare and even to catch and remove young Sparrow Hawks from their nest so that I could have a pet. They made good pets and was able to raise most of the young birds to release them back into the wild.  I have walked across the bridge before daylight to be the first one to claim a spot to fish.  The old Danks' Slough drains into the river about a hundred yards downstream and it certainly was a "Hotspot" to fish at a certain time of the year.  I have also crossed the bridge, before daylight, to be able to sneak in the back way to hunt squirrels in Earl Curtis's woods. Earl and his family lived just across the old gravel road from the woods.  If I had asked Earl and had transportation, I could have probably gone into the woods from the front side, but I had neither.  Well personally, I have been associated with the old bridge and a part of my history concerns viewing or playing on, or near the bridge.
Sorry about getting a little windy.  I started off this note with intentions of writing about the train that was crossing the bridge when the bridge was raised, as it is in the picture and got side tracked.  The train went into the river and the river became its' grave.  I even thought about the hobo that met his fate after being caught on the trestle at the same time with a fast moving train.  I considered commenting about the girl that fell to her death from the concrete structure.  Hum, have written enough and certainly do not want to be a bother.  Thus, will go for now.  I can visualize another short story or two about the bridge.  Maybe later. 
Thanks for looking.  Have a good day.

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