Turning Bridge At Smallhouse!
An Old Bridge Crossing The Green River.
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Greetings all and a "Happy Day" wish to you. Hope that all is well with you and yours. We seem to be doing fine and have been out to a flea market.  Made the big flea market at Leitchfield, but came back empty handed.  Guess that it is a little early for fleas.  Ha Ha.  Wow, this guy is getting funny.......

I think that most of you have seen a recent picture of the old Swinging Bridge at Smallhouse.  If not, I apologize for leaving you off the list. Well, maybe I should apologize for adding you to the list. Anyway, all seems to be understandable with the picture and the explanation or the write-up. After all, it is just a train bridge that allows a train to cross the river, and then it swings around, after the train has crossed. This allows the bridge to be positioned in such a manner as to not impede river traffic. Just an old railroad system of the early twentieth century that now seems quaint, but in those days, to me, it would have been a marvel.

Look at the picture one more time and see if you see anything that you would find to be amiss or out of place. Do you see any item or object that sticks out as if it has no purpose? Nothing may seem wrong to you, but I can pick out a large item that seems to be out of place. I will give you time for another look.

OK, let's go over the picture once more. Just in the center of the picture is the concrete pier that the swinging bridge, on the river side, will connect to and this pier will also be connected to the railroad on the bank side with a short trestle. This short trestle that connected the railroad tracks to the bank side pier has been burned. Guess someone thought it funny to burn a trestle. This pier, more or less, is the "River Side Pier" with a bridge on one side and a railroad trestle on the other side. The "Swinging Bridge" is obvious and is positioned in the middle of the river on the center pier. Now, notice the concrete structure just to the right of this, "River Side Pier" Just what does this cylindrical, concrete structure have to do with the railroad. It seems to be hollow and that may be a clue. I have one weird idea, but seem to be grasping for "Straws", so to speak. Tell me what you think and I will tell you my idea.

Any ideas at all. Think about it and see the next Web Page called "Smallhouse A. for some more discussion.

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"Smallhouse Turning Bridge On The Green River."

The photographer was standing on the old railroad bed at Smallhouse when the picture below was taken. The rails and the ties have previously been removed. The gate in the center of the picture is positioned just before the bank pier. A small trestle once existed, that connected this bank pier with the anchor point or the bridge connecting pier. This short trestle has recently been set afire and burned and some unburned parts still exist. Oh, what some people do for fun.
Look Closely At The Sub-Structure Above Bridge Center-At The Top Is The Bird's Nest.

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