A jrd stat on 2/10/05.

Greetings all. Hope your day is going well and that you are able and ready to face the world.  We are doing fine and are ready to face the world, but would prefer to do the facing with conditions a little bit warmer.  Oh well, four months from now, I will probably be saying that I want cooler conditions.  Never content.
If this stat opens correctly you should see a brick veneered building, in the center, with a white frame house in the background.  Music should be playing in the background and I have turned down the volume, so hope that it is not too loud.

Well, hopefully, we have two buildings being shown and a MIDI file playing a tune. So far, So good. If you have seen some of my previous sends, you should have been able to have read about certain groceries, restaurants, Lewis Creek, etc. Conditions change and thought that I would try something different this time. So here is the scoop.

This picture was taken in the early part of the year 2005. It is a picture of the Rockport Post Office and is located on Highway 62 in Rockport. Main Street is to the left as viewed from the camera position. At one time, it was the old Highway 62. Anyway, instead of me giving you the info or the answers, I would like to give you some questions and see what you can come up with. I have not gotten back very many responses for any of this type series that I have sent out, thus don't expect much back. It is worth trying though and who knows. Make a guess if so desired, and then if you do not want to get back to me, look at the other Bill's Place web pages for the answers. I have the answers in Bill's Place 2 with some more questions. Thanks for playing and understanding.

Some questions that come to mind:

1). What is the name of the tune being played or midi file name?

2). Bonus question-Why would this particular song be used instead of countless others?

3). About when was this structure built and did it look like this when first built?

4). The Post Office has been located in this building for maybe, 20 years or so. From the late forties until the eighties, what were some of the uses of this building? Can you name any of the "Renters" that leased or rented this building and if so, for what purpose was it used?

It is a neat looking and clean building and is large enough for a home. I don't remember anyone using it as a primary residence, although it may have been a temporary living quarters for a short period of time.  You tell me.
Again, not much going on here and this type activity has given me something to do in the previous cold winter months.  That time is nearing an end and my spare time is getting shorter.  I do want to thank all of those that have read some of what I have typed and especially give a thanks for any and all comments.  Thanks again. 

See you.......  :)

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