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Korean Veterans Memorial.
Washington D. C.

The Korean War was fought from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953. Korea had been divided after World War II, when Japanese control ended. The northern part was occupied by Soviet troops until 1948 and the southern part by Americans until 1949. Efforts to reunify Korea failed, and the divided regions became independent countries. The Korean War began when communist North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 and captured the capital Seoul. The United Nations Security Council voted to aid South Korea, and the United States led the peacekeeping forces. China and USSR supported North Korea. Although 20 other nations eventually became involved in the war, the Koreans saw it primarily as a civil war between the north and south. The armistice line north of the 38th parallel along the battle line ended the fighting, but Korea has remained divided into North Korea and South Korea for decades since.

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The Korean War is sometimes referred to as "The Forgotten War". Let us all try to help so that this war will never be forgotten. Listed below are some area soldiers that fought or served in the Armed Forces in the Korean War time frame. Click on each Soldier's name to visit their web page. Thanks for looking and thanks to each soldier that served during this time period.

James W. Maddox

Shelby Fred Robinson.

Willard "Snowball" Thomas.

Wendell Shull



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