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Rockport Heroes
Vietnam War Veteran Series
A jrd Stat on 9/18/10.

David Duncan

A little about me.
David Duncan,
I am the grandson of Edgar Irles Duncan and Pecola Duncan. My father is Edgar Hugh Duncan all of Rockport, KY Near Ceralvo, KY. Born 1956 at Ft Knox, KY. Went to school at Centertown grade school. High school at Fern Creek,KY Served in the United States Army, 101 ST. Airborne from 1973 to 1975. Vietnam Era Stationed at Ft.Knox,KY for training ship to TN Airborne Missile training school. Now living at the borders of Vietnam and China with my wife and daughter. I miss all the people I worked with on the fire Dept at Beaver Dam, McHenry an Centertown. Good luck to all of you.

David Duncan.

Thanks David, for your service to our country.

David has a brother, Michael, that was also a Vietnam Veteran and is living in China. Following is a letter from Michael and a brief bit on his whereabouts for the past few years.


Jerry, I and my brother are both in China now. David was in the Army and I was in the Navy. This was in the early 70's and neither of us left the USA during our time in. David was in Fort Knox and I was in San Diego. We both were Hon. Discharged. That was about as exciting as it got. I don't have any photos of me in my Navy uniform because of a fire in Texas in the 80's.

If you want to do a page on David and I you might want to think about us being in China for 5 years teaching English and traveling over this big country. We have tons of photos, Chinese wives and David's baby. I start teaching September 6 this year. I teach college and David teaches mixed grades. If you need service dates for your veterans page let me know. I showed David your webpage and he has been going back in time ever since. haha.


Thanks Michael, for your service to our country.

I never knew David, Michael, nor their father, but I certainly knew Irles Duncan, David's and Michael's grandfather. My father and Irles were the best of buddies. As stated on other web pages of this site, my grandfather lived in the Ceralvo area before moving to Rockport and probably, my father and Irles were classmates at one time of other. Regardless, on any excursion to Ceralvo, or that area, we always tried to stop by and see Irles. If not a stop, we certainly blew the car horn in passing. Thanks you two brothers, for your service to our country.

See you.......




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