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~~ Alfonzo Decker ~~
Rockport Kentucky Native.
Armed Forces Veteran Of The Vietnam Era.
A jrd stat on 11/28/17.

Fonzo Decker

Alfonzo "Fonzo" Decker was born and raised in Rockport, starting school at Rockport Elementary and graduating from Ohio County High School. In the time frame, when Fonzo started school, the Rockport High School had been closed and the local high school students were bussed to Beaver Dam and later to Ohio County High School He is he son of Duggar "Doug" and Mary Decker and from a large family.

I think that Fonzo was drafted into the Army sometime in the seventies, but he may have volunteered. He served honorably in the Vietnam era.

As you can see, I do not have very much military information about Fonzo and I am guessing at a lot of other information that I have written. If anyone reading this page has any information that I could post on this page, I would appreciate your effort and make corrections or add more to Fonzo's page. Any information would be a good start in providing Fonzo with a "Page" in thanks for his service.

Thanks Fonzo, for you service to our country.