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Karen J Wilkerson-Stevens

I was born at Owensboro Daviess County hospital. Raised in Ohio County. Married to Roland "Toe" Wilkerson and were parents of two sons, James Thomas and Jacob J Wilkerson.

Served in the United States Army, ASA, MI, from 1974 to 1977. Stationed in Udorn, Thailand and Clark Air Base, in the Philippines. Finished my tour at Biggs Field, Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran, with 5 years totaled service to my country.

I currently live in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky. Miss all my friends from Rockport and still come down as often as possible. I have fond memories of Rockport and miss living there.

Information in the proceeding paragraphs was written and provided by Karen. I never knew Karen, even though both of our families were living in Rockport in the same time frame in 1970. Dotty and I were living in a trailer just below the Rockport water tank and Karen and "Toe" were living in a trailer on the old Elder property just across the "Overhead Bridge". Their trailer was just up the hill from "Nippy" Iler. Both of our families had gone to bed on November, 19, 1970 when a tornado, from Muhlenberg County, came sweeping into Rockport. The tornado probably touched down just upriver from the railroad bridge, crossed Green River and moved up the hill toward the Wilkerson place. It must have hit their trailer square on, as their trailer was blown over and down the hill toward the old depot. Karen was pregnant at the time and as she and Toe were tumbling down the hill, Toe was able to hold onto Karen and they survived. I think they moved to Echols afterwards. Dotty, our son, and I did not receive any damage from the storm, but did hear it passing over the Green River and move up the hill where the Wilkerson trailer was positioned. The noise that we heard sounded like a train and we were not aware of the tornado until the next day.

Thanks Karen, for the information and the picture you provided and a special thanks for your service to our country. Without young, brave soldiers like you and others, the rest of us would not have the freedom that we relish today.

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Roland "Toe" Wilkerson

James T. Wilkerson

See you.....

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