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William H. "Fibber" McKee went to High School at Rockport, but his class had to finish at Beaver Dam. William would have been in the 1957 Graduation Class at Rockport, but that class was sent to Beaver Dam to graduate. A few years after graduating, William entered the Air Force and served his four year hitch. After getting out of service, William decided to give the Navy a try and he enlisted in the Navy in June of 1964 and served until August of 1966.

William McKee was a very nice person in high school. He was raised in the Echols Community, just up the hill from the old Number 19 school. Harvey Robinson was operating a grocery store at the bottom of the hill and I am sure that William spent many an hour in that old store. He was a few years behind me in school and about all that I can remember is that William was quiet and never got into any trouble. He was one of those students that make you proud that you knew him. I have no information about William H. McKee after he got out of service.

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