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John E. Render
Rockport Hero.

World War I Banner.

Rockport Veteran Of World War I.

The War Was Sometimes called "The Great War".

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John E. Render Copy Of An Old World War 1 Poster. "Copy Of An Old World War 1 Poster."
John Render.

World War I lasted from August 4, 1914 to November 11, 1918. John Render served his country in this War and returned to Rockport a hero.

The following write-up was done by John Render's daughter. Thanks Sue.

John was the son of Lowrey Jonas and Laura Hunter Render. John was born December 6, 1891 in Ohio county at the Render home on Highway 62, near the Centertown Road junction. He was the third generation of Renders to live there.

John enlisted in the War of World War I, October 5, 1917, in Hartford, KY and left the States April 9, 1918. He served in France and Germany. Battles there were St. Michel, Argonne, Meuse and Verdun. John served proudly and received no injuries during his service. He was discharged from Camp Mills, New York on June 23, 1919 and arrived home June 25, 1919 at Broadway, KY.

John lived at the Render home after returning from overseas, helping with the farm. On July 22, 1922 he was employed with Louisville Gas and Electric Co. at the Cherry Hill mines in Central City and worked there until retiring on December 1, 1956. He had continued with farming during this time too.

John met Anna Terrell Harrison of Beaver Dam and they were married on January 12, 1929. Ann was the daughter of Blanton and Hood Harrison of Beaver Dam and was employed with the USPO Department as postmaster in McHenry June 7, 1945 until retirement July 31, 1970.

In 1970 the farm and home was sold and John and Ann moved to Beaver Dam, KY. They moved to Owensboro, KY in 1972.

John died December 17, 1976. Ann died October 8, 1987. Ann and John had four children Johnny, Pat, Peggy and Sue. Pat and Sue are the only surviving children.

Thanks John, for your service.

See you.......

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