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Rockport Heroes.
Rockport Veterans Of World War I, Sometimes Called The Great War.
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World War I.

World War I lasted from August 4, 1914 to November 11, 1918. It involved many of the countries of Europe as well the United States and other nations throughout the world. More than 10 million people were killed and more than 20 million wounded. The breakdown of old alliances among European powers and an arms race led by Germany helped set the stage for the conflict, which was sparked by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in 1914. Hostilities began on August 4, 1914 when Germany invaded Belgium. The Allied Powers (led by Britain, France, and the United States) defeated the Central Powers (led by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire0. Allied Power Russia left the war after the Russian Revolution of 1917. The war ended the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and the Russian Empire. The Treaty of Versailles (1919) severely punished Germany as the alleged instigator of the war.

Rockport Veterans Of World War I, Sometimes Called The Great War.

This meager web page is a small attempt to honor and pay homage to those great and brave men that served their country in World War I. All small communities, as well as cities, have a few brave and dedicated men and women that will place their country before anything else except God. These soldiers will discontinue anything that they are doing and follow their military orders to go and perform, with bravery, their written instructions. This particular Web Section is about these soldiers of World War I. These veterans are gone now. They left this earth after doing their duty, some earlier than others. Hopefully, they are looking down on us now and thinking and remembering that they did their duty while here on Earth. I am sure that they are in hopes that the young ones that are left will follow in their tradition and volunteer their services so that this country will continue to be free. May the young soldiers always receive praise and admiration from the people that they are serving.

Click on the following "Action Boxes" to view. All area soldiers are not mentioned and only because that I do not have the material needed to place them in a section of this web site. If you have material on any area soldier, please feel free to share and I will attempt to see that "Your" soldier is mentioned. Thanks.

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