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October 2017!
God Bless America!

October 2017!

HAPPY and SAFE Halloween.

Hope the year of 2017 has been a good one to you. We have survived the cold winter months of January and February. We survived the winds and rains of March and April. By May, the weather was beginning to warm and then we outlasted the hot months of June, July, and August. September was a so-so months here, but the Earth's weather conditions were terrible in places as close as Texas and Florida. Now that we are into October, hope the next three months will be to your liking. I like the early Spring in this area, but if I had to select my favorite time of the year, it would have to be October, November, and December. That is if you will take away the early Christmas rush and the merchants displaying their products way before Thanksgiving. But that is another story.

In October, Halloween is the primary holiday that seems to be enjoyed by most all. Of course, Columbus Day has always been a time for bargains as the retailers switch over from Summer merchandise to Winter products. There is a push on now, by a group or groups of people, that are trying to eliminate Columbus Day, but don't think the Italian population will allow such a drastic change. Good luck to all here in keeping this old federal Holiday. Hope you have your Halloween decorations up and ready for the "Trick-or-Treaters.

So enjoy this month, in what I call the start of the Holiday Season and look forward to the other major holidays in the months to come.

Click on link below to view Rockport Web Page on the Rockport High School Students of the nineteen forties. Have now updated most of the forties' web pages.

Nineteen Forties Classes.

After you look over the 1940s Students Page, feel free to read and to look at some more pages about the students of Rockport High School. Just click on the "Back" button to be taken back to the "Rockport Student's Page". From there, click on any of the selection buttons to visit all of the students pages of Rockport High School or visit other area schools. Hope you enjoy.

Wish you well for this Winter Season and may you survive to be able to enjoy the warming up of this part of the earth as the month of April approaches.......

Start Of "Rockport Days" Pictures.

On September 17, 2016 at 10:00 am, the Rockport Days annual event was in its' second day of community activity. On the sixteenth of September, at daylight, the Rockport Community Yard Sale kicked off the "Rockport Days 2016" event. For most of the Friday morning, there was a constant flow of buyers and lookers to keep the venders busy and anxious to return next year.

On Saturday, the Community Center Building was open and the small kitchen was used to prepare food and drinks for the visitors throughout the day. The shelter and porch area was a gathering and meeting place for area residents and "Out of Towners" to meet and mingle. That area stayed crowded all day long.

The children and the young at heart had the full run of the playground and there was a constant flow of activity over the entire playground with the "Monkey Bars" gathering the most participants. The ball field was a staging area for the "Antique Car Show" as well as a staging area for the parade units. The main event event of the day was a parade that started in the mid-afternoon.

Plans are already underway for the next year's event and it is developing with the hope and intent of it being bigger and better than this year's event. Will try to keep you updated on the plans for "Rockport Days" 2017. Hope to see you there.

End of year Holiday Months are here. Enjoy..

see you.....

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