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Rockport Remembered!
January Edition 2018.

God Bless America!

"Bomb Cyclone To Hit East Coast!"

I think that it was last winter, maybe year before last, that I heard a new weather term that gave me chills. The weather people would mention that a "Polar Vortex is heading our way and I would get cold just hearing. You know, kind of like most of us running to Walmart to stock up on groceries when snow is predicted in our area. I was about to get used to a "Polar Vortex" and now I am hearing about a "Bomb Cyclone" that is going to be hitting the east coast. Now, all of this sounds drastic and I am not aware of anyplace to run. Normally, I am not easily excitable about weather changes, but when those in the know (meteorologists and such) talk about a "Polar Vortex" and a "Bomb Cyclone", it tends to get my attention. Even the old term, "Nor'easter" sounded like the new ice age was coming. Well, maybe that is what those terms are meant to do! "Scare Tactics" or "Sensationalism" will get more TV watchers than them talking about seventy-six degrees and sunshine. You have heard the old expression, "There is nothing new in the world" and this may be true. If so, in order to get ones' attention, sensationalism must be used for us to tune in to watch and listen to the "Weather People". After all they have spent millions on equipment to bring such information into our homes and to get people to listen and watch, they must get our attention. "Cyclone Bomb"! Well, be prepared, but try not to lose any sleep over the scary sounding new name for a "Low Pressure" area that will cause a weather condition.

So what is it all about? I am not knowledgeable in science and weather situations and may not understand what is happening, but will try to learn enough to where I don't "Run for hills" when the news media use scare tactics to get me to watch.

A column of air exerts pressure on the surface of our Earth. Air is constantly being moved, heated and cooled. Hotter air is lighter and it tends to rise. As it rises, it must be replaced and cooler replaces hotter air. We used to use the term 14.7 pounds per square inch of pressure as the normal pressure exerted on this earth at sea level. This exerted pressure is caused by the weight of the air. This is referred to as barometric pressure and in earlier years was measured in "Inches of Mercury" as well as pounds per square inch. Meteorologist and scientist use the term millibar to express this air pressure where a "Bar" is the normal pressure exerted by this column of air, which would convert to 1,000 millibars.

"Bomb Cyclone" is a spin off of "Cyclonegenesis" and happens when the atmospheric pressure in an area drops 24 millibars in a 24 hour period. This storm that is hitting the east coast, called Grayson, is caused by a low pressure area that is allowing higher pressure air from the north to rush in, thus high winds. The warmer air, in rising picks up moisture from the ground and the ocean, carries it up in the atmosphere and may produce snow. It is a bad winter storm, but nothing that has not been seen before. Be prepared, but don't allow it to freak you out.

"Polar Vortex" is an upper level, low pressure area above each pole, the North and the South. The air rotation above the North Pole is counter-clockwise and clockwise about the South Pole. Beneath these low pressure areas are dense,large masses of cold artic air. The vortices are constant, becoming super-cold in the winter and less cold in the summer. They weaken in strength and increase in strength. A weak vortex can split in half or in parts and become several vortices. This condition allows for a part of this mass of cold air to be pushed toward the equator and thus, a "Polar Vortex" is heading our way. Just another way of expressing a cold air mass from the artic being forced by a cold front toward the equator and thus, we feel the blast of cold artic air. I mean, after all, this is just another Nor'easter. It has happened for millions of years. Put on some more clothes, enjoy life, and pray for warming trend.

For the past year or more, a man by the name of Gilstrap, originally from Ohio County, has been hacking pictures from the Rockport Web Site and posting them on the History of Ohio County Facebook Site. He will post picture after picture on other sites as well and tends to claim them as his own. I do not mind anyone downloading any picture that I have placed on the Rockport/Echols Web Site, but to claim them as their own and not give credit to where they came from is quite unethical and has become an irritant to me as well as others. To post a downloaded picture, or text, as belonging to you, is not only unethical, it is just plain dishonest. A few years ago, there was a woman from Fordsville doing the same thing and Shirley Smith pointed it out to me time and time again. I did nothing at the time and allowed her time to use those pictures, thinking after she received a few moments in the spotlight, she would cease and she did. Thought Mr. Gilstrap would do the same, but he has not and now, I will take action. With this page, I am making it more difficult to download a picture. If anyone out there sees something, text or picture they want, just come on back at me and I will sent them what they want, Mr. Gilstrap not included.

Recently, I have been able to add two more "Soldiers" to the Rockport/Echols web site. There are a lot of local soldiers that have served honorably that I have not added. The reason being is that I just do not have any material about them. I will add any and all Rockport/Echols local soldiers to the web site if I can find enough material to post. I am currently working on other soldiers, but my leads and material are getting slim. Again, if you are aware of any soldier that should be added, just let me know and let me know how I can get the needed information.

I have added Billy Sam Drake to the web site. I do not have all of the material that I need, but I have a start. To view his page, click on the following name.

Sam Drake

I have also added Fonzo Decker. I need more info on Fonzo, thus is you have anything to share, please contact me.

Fonzo Decker

Stay cool as there is less than three months until Spring.

Wishing you the best for the year, 2018..

see you.....

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