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Rockport Remembered!
July Edition 2017.

God Bless America!

Summer or 2017!

Wow, it is hot. It has been in the mid and high nineties for the past few days with the heat indexes being over a hundred. Hot and dry. That is just old Kentucky Summers. Guess this hot weather helps make the corn grow. Try to stay cool and just think, in a few more months most of us will be complaining about it being too cold.

Have you checked out the two old black and white pictures that are posted? If not, please look them over and see if you can name all of the boys and the school bus driver. The pictures were taken at different times and possible different school years. I would guess that one of the pictures was taken in 1952 and the other in 1951. Possibly, both were taken in 1952. Hope that you are able to id Lewis Hopper, Richard Hopper, Jackie Ford, Milton Brown, and Donnie and Gerald Hoskins. Think there is a Johnson or two in the mix. Was one of the boys Roger Johnson? Was not one of the guys called Smitty? Do you have a name on him? Think there was also a Barnes or maybe two. Can you id any of those that I have not mentioned?

Stay cool as there is only about five more months until Christmas.

Start Of "Rockport Days" Pictures.

On September 17, 2016 at 10:00 am, the Rockport Days annual event was in its' second day of community activity. On the sixteenth of September, at daylight, the Rockport Community Yard Sale kicked off the "Rockport Days 2016" event. For most of the Friday morning, there was a constant flow of buyers and lookers to keep the venders busy and anxious to return next year.

On Saturday, the Community Center Building was open and the small kitchen was used to prepare food and drinks for the visitors throughout the day. The shelter and porch area was a gathering and meeting place for area residents and "Out of Towners" to meet and mingle. That area stayed crowded all day long.

The children and the young at heart had the full run of the playground and there was a constant flow of activity over the entire playground with the "Monkey Bars" gathering the most participants. The ball field was a staging area for the "Antique Car Show" as well as a staging area for the parade units. The main event event of the day was a parade that started in the mid-afternoon.

Plans are already underway for the next year's event and it is developing with the hope and intent of it being bigger and better than this year's event. Will try to keep you updated on the plans for "Rockport Days" 2017. Hope to see you there.

Wishing you the best for the year, 2017..

see you.....

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