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Mix Classes Of The Thirties.

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Please "Click" on the "Decision" blocks above to view pictures of Rockport School Groups. Some of these groups date back to the late twenties/early thirties. For these pictures to be almost eighty years old, they have turned out better that expected. I wish that I had more group pictures of this era. Actually, I wish that I had more group pictures for all of the classes that were ever at Rockport. I know all of us can remember some of the days when it would be announced that "Class Group" pictures were going to be taken and be sure and try to look your best. Most of us did not pay any attention to the pre-planning of group pictures. Then, before you knew it, you were lined up and a picture was being taken. Oh well, just another period of time to be wasted. Valuable time that you could be doing what you wanted to do and in my case, wanting to be either on or in the river, maybe roaming the hills. Now years later, those group pictures mean something to all. I do have some more group pictures and I will dig them out and do some work with what I have. Also, I have some promises from others. Hopefully, we can cause me to add more blocks to this selection page.

As you will see if you visit each Web Page, I have not included all of the area school students. I can only include the ones that I have pictures and write-ups on and have not left out anyone intentionally. If you know of any particular class or student that I have omitted, I encourage you to send me or Hilma a picture and a short write-up and they will be included. Each student deserves their day of being recognized. Thanks for looking and please return soon.

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