Rockport High School.

A Mix Of Students From The Thirties Classes.
Mix Classes Of The Thirties.

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Welcome To The Classes Of The Thirties.

1930's Era Mix A

1930's Era Mix B Mix


Please "Click" on the blocks above to visit with the Rockport Students of the thirties era. These pages consist of Rockport/Echols area residents or want-to-be residents that attended the two Rockport High Schools in the nineteen-thirties. The old school on Bluff Street and the High School on Highway 62, combined, saw ten years of Rockport High School students. If a person would consider an average of twelve students a year for ten years, a total of one hundred and twenty young men and women would be Rockport Graduates. These youngsters went out in this world to earn a living and have since retired. Don't hold me to that average of twelve students a year as I just pulled it out of my hat. Just wanted to use some real number, that is close to correct, to emphasis how much these two old schools have meant to a lot of people. May the memory last until the very last student is gone and may the future generations know enough history about Rockport and Echols that the students will never be forgotten.

As you will see if you visit each Web Page, I have not included all of the area students. I can only include the ones that I have pictures and write-ups on and have not left out anyone intentionally. If you know of any student that I have missed, I encourage you to send me or Hilma a picture and a short write-up and they will be included. Each student deserves their day of being recognized. Thanks for looking and please return soon.

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