Rockport Students.

Rockport Area Students In The Era Of The Fifties.
Some Of Earlier Years.

Music File Is An Early Rock And Roll Tune:
"School Days".

Stat by jrd.

1950 Era-Mix A



Please "Click" on the blocks above to visit with the Rockport Students of the area that you want. The miscellaneous block is just a mixture of Rockport Students from different time frames. As you can see, I have a "Future" block and will fill it with pictures and write-ups as they come in.

As you will see if you visit each Web Page, I have not included all of the area students. I can only include the ones that I have pictures and write-ups on and have not left out anyone intentionally. If you know of any Rockport High School Student that I have left out and you have a picture, please feel free to send the picture and a short write-up and I will try to see that he/her gets their time on the net. Thanks for looking and please return soon.

See you.......

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