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Ceralvo, Kentucky-Another Old River Town.
A jrd stat on 10/14/10.

My current neighbor, a former Ceralvo resident, is a regular viewer of the Rockport/Echols Web Site. She and other former Ceralvo citizens have asked me to add a Ceralvo section to the web site.

With help from my neighbor and Shirley Smith, I will try to come up with some short web pages on Ceralvo. As a kid, if I had paid attention to my father and his parents, I would have known more history and facts of that small river town. My ancestors, migrating in to Ohio county, originally settled in the Ceralvo-Equality-Smallhouse area, more specifically at Smallhouse. My father's first schooling was in the one room school in that area. Some of my ancestors are buried in several of the area cemeteries.

My most fondest memories of Ceralvo are of the Annual Homecoming held at the Methodist Church and Masonic Building. Other memories include visiting the area by boat during fishing trips from Rockport. I don't remember Everly's Drug Store, nor of any grocery store where one could purchase a soft drink or something to eat. Then, if we were thirsty, we just drank from the river. The era of Ceralvo having a drug store or a grocery must have been before my time. Then, there were the many hunting trips that I made to the area. I will always hold fond memories of the outdoor life that I was able to enjoy in this area of West Ohio County. I don't remember the ferry at Ceralvo, but remember the gravel road going down to the river and the few houses and store buildings on the sides of the road.

As you can surmise already, I am not very knowledgeable of this old river town, called Ceralvo. I am willing to listen and learn though, and if anyone reading this has some pictures and/or information that they think may be of a common interest of this Ceralvo section of the web site or other sections, please let me know and we can make arrangements to share what you have. Thanks in advance.

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