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Rockport Heroes Remembered!
Military Series Of Some Heroes From The Cold War.
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The Cold War Accounting History!

From the closing days of World War II until the fall of the Berlin Wall, our nation led the struggle to save the free and democratic countries of the world from communist aggression. In addition to the thousands of service members who fought communist forces during "hot" wars such as Korea and Vietnam, many risked -- and some lost -- their lives while collecting vital intelligence on military forces of the Soviet Bloc, the People's Republic of China, and North Korea during "peacetime." The sacrifice made by these Cold War Warriors enabled the United States and our allies to contain the threat of communist expansion until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The "Cold War" was not a "Blood And Guts" type war as much as it was "Show Of Force" type war. This show of force was a "Bluffing Game" with the United States and its' allies trying to convince the Soviet Union and its' allies of their superiority and vice-versa. It was not "Fought" during a specific period of time, but more of an era from the end of World War II until the fall of the Soviet Union. This was from about 1946 until 1991. The era included "The Bay Of Pigs" invasion of Cuba, the confrontation with the USSR because of Soviet Union building Missile launching pads on Cuban soil, and many other confrontations between the Free World and the Communist, up until the "wall" that divided East Germany and West Germany was torn down. This war ended when the Soviet Union broke apart and the large country of USSR separated into other smaller countries.

This section of the "Soldier Pages" will include some of those brave men and women from the Rockport and Echols area that served their country during this time in history. Korea and Vietnam were separate wars that were fought in this particular time frame and I will try to keep the soldiers that served in those two wars separate from the soldiers of the "Cold War". While not in actual combat, the soldiers that served our country in the "Cold War" era were heroes none-the-less. All were trained and ready to serve in any capacity that our country requested. Most volunteered and all were heroes. Thanks to all.

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L. H. Harper

Tracey Stewart

Delbert Brown

John S. Durham

Dale Thomas

Ronnie Taylor




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This Military Series Is Designed To Give Honor To Those From The Rockport Area That Served Our Country. I Have Not Left Out Anyone Intentionally, As I Can Only Include Those That I Have Information About. If You Know Or Aware Of Anyone That I Have Not Included, Please Feel Free To Send Me Some Material And I will Include Them In The Series. Thanks.

Time May Be Immortal-Soldiers Are Not!

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