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Shim's Grocery #1.

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Reid's Grocery #1.

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Thelma's Place.

Durham Market.

Other Grocery Stores.

Burden Grocery.


Boone's Grocery.

Cundiff's Grocery.

Jones's Grocery.

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Grocery Stores Of The Rockport Area.

FUTURE. The future of groceries may lead to a Wal-Mart or some other store on Mars. This will be many years from now and doubt if most of us will be able to shop there. Someday, a settlement of people will be on Mars and eventually, a grocery store will appear. There will probably be a store on the moon before the Mars adventure.

PRESENT. In the meantime, I am sure that most of us have been in a modern and large store that sells groceries. These stores are as large as a city block and contain just about everything that a person would need. A person can drop off their automobile to have it repaired or serviced, buy a set of tires, make purchases for lawn and garden, clothing, shoes, groceries of all types, including more drinks that a person could sample in a month, bakery items, fresh fruit and vegetables, sporting goods, electronic devices including a computer, and on and on. You can drop off a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy, have your ears pierced in jewelry department and pick up a present there for just about any occasion. Drop by the optometrist for a check and glasses and then to an audiologist for hearing aids. Get you hair done and then have lunch. Some of these large stores even have a doctor's office and a realtor's office. You name it, and it just about can be found. One stop just about does it all.

PAST. The "Wal-Mart on Mars" may be in the future. The large groceries and stores are now and we all have experienced shopping and looking in these type stores. The past is something different. We certainly have evolved in the grocery business. Better, I guess! At one time the grocer helped determine what a family was having for dinner. There were no frozen products and shelf life of meats, milk and bread was only a few days. At best, fresh meat and milk were delivered every other day to the grocer, and if the shopper waited until the next day before purchase, that shopper may have to take what was left instead of being able to select what they wanted. Now, the shopper can go to a Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc. and just about pick out any type of meat they want. Even the different types of milk can be enormous. In the middle part of the twentieth century, every community had several grocery stores and it was common practice to purchase items from each store. Now, the county has three of four large stores and a few scattered "Mom and Pop" type grocery stores. A "Quick Pick" type store may be located in each small community, but these type stores are for convencience items and gas more so that family type groceries. To view some pages of old stores in the Rockport area, please scroll down to find a selection page.

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