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Rockport/Echols Heroes!

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World War I Veterans
World War II Veterans
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Cold War Veterans
Korean War Veterans
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Gulf Wars Era Veterans.

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Rockport Area Soldiers And Heroes.

An Explanation For The Soldier Placement.

This series started out with a few soldiers and has now evolved into several sections. One page of World War I and World War II soldiers was easy to update and make changes. Then other era soldier pictures began to come in and other pages needed to be added to the web site. Before long, the method that I used for soldier placement was probably known only to me. Instead of starting over, I opted to make additions and that method may be confusing to some. If the series was not ongoing, a certain method could be used, and each soldier placed and forgotten. As a new picture comes in, a decision has to be made where to place that particular soldier. To those that wonder why a certain soldier is placed in one particular folder or page over another, I offer the following explanation. Also, to make it easier for a person to find a particular soldier, the following paragraph should be helpful.

If a soldier served in a particular war, then placement will be in the web page of that war. A World War I soldier will be placed in the World War I Web page. Exceptions are soldiers that served in the Air Force and the Navy. The War Era is outlined below.

World War I-Any service time from 1914-1918.
World War II-Any service time from 1941-1945.
Korean War-Any service time from 1950-1953.
Vietnam War-Any service time from 1959-1975.
Gulf War-First-Any service time from 1990-1991.
Gulf War-Second-Any service time from 2003-Present.
Gulf War-General-Any service time from 1990-Present.
Cold War-Any service time from 1945-1991.
Air Force-Any service time in the US Air Force.
Navy-Any service time in the US Navy.

Some of these war periods can be confusing and may also be overlapping. For instance, some of our military people served in the Vietnam war as advisors in the early fifties. World War II started a few years before the United States became involved. Germany was invading and conquering other European countries in the 1939. Japan was in a war with China in 1936. Thus, if you can not find your soldier listed where you think that he should be listed, please try another page. Then, if you are still having problems, please let me know. I may not have a picture of your soldier.

Thanks for looking.

A veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve -
is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made
payable to "The United States of America, " for an amount of "up to
and including my life."
That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country
who no longer understand it.
-- Author Unknown

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