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"No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now. Rarely have so many people been so wrong about so much. Never have the consequences of their misunderstanding been so tragic." [Nixon]

I don't guess there is any good wars. A justifiable war is a necessary evil. Freedom is not free. It must be preserved and protected by our Armed Forces. May they never fail us. A war is certainly more meaningful if the entire country is behind the purpose. In the Twentieth Century, World War I and World War II were fought and won by our brave soldiers. The returning GI's came home as heroes. The media seemed to get the word out that we were at war and all America rallied behind the brave soldiers. We were not attacked by Germany nor Italy, but we certainly fought against them and won. Now, years later, we have soldiers stationed in those countries.

North Korea certainly did not attack us even though the North Korean Communist and Chinese Communist crossed the border and attacked South Korea, our ally. We were at war again. The media did not play up this war like the two previous wars. This media was now a "Print Media", as well as a "TV Media". There was some negative reporting and some protest, but it was minimal. After a period of about four years, an agreement was made and a line was drawn. The North Koreans agreed to stay North of this line and USA and South Korea agreed to stay South of this Demilitarized Zone (DMZ Line). A truce was never agreed upon and our Armed Forces are still stationed in South Korea. Now sixty years later, our American Forces are still South of this line and watching the border.

A decade later, the Communist were infiltrating South Vietnam and for years the French were trying to help and trying to protect their interest. As we watched an American troop build-up of "Advisors" over a period of time, things just kept getting worse until we were in a full scale war with North Vietnam and their allies. It is difficult to win a war when your country is mostly behind you. It is most difficult to win when they are not. I could not believe my eyes and ears when I would watch the evening news. Walter Cronkite became so negative with his reporting that I turned him off and have not been able to watch CBS News since. The other two major networks were not much better. This country was at war abroad and also at home. The "Liberal News Media" added fuel to the fire every day and male protestors were burning their draft cards while female protestors were burning their bras. I could not believe the American people. The returning War Heroes were not being treated like the heroes they were, and at time, were just simply ignored when they returned from the war zone. In some cases they were treated like criminals. I hold these great heroes in high esteem and still feel a need of expressing my gratitude for their marvelous service. They were asked to do a job and did.

Another Century and another war! Our soldiers are again dying on foreign soil in another war where "Old Men" send young men to battle. The "Liberal Media" continues with mostly negative reporting. Our new Congress have come up with bills that are, in reality, "Surrender Bills". In the last three wars and counting the first Iraqi War, we have won one, tied one, and lost one. Don't know if a person should figure the outcome of wars like baseball statistics, but in my opinion, it is time that we hit a homer. So far our soldiers are staying positive and want to complete their mission. So far, the American Public share a positive attitude with these soldier heroes. Let us hope that this trend continues. May none of these young solders have to return to a country where they are despised as in the Vietnam War. God bless our troops.

When will it ever end? In the past few years, we seem to be in and then out. We came out of Iraq in the last Iraqi War, at least claiming a tie, and then were in Afghanistan before we left Iraq. Now years later, we are trying to get out of Afghanistan and get back in Iraq. After we left Iraq the last time, a group of militants or renegades have become a power force in that part of the country and seem to be spreading, maybe World-Wide. ISIS or ISIL, as they are know are recruiting where even American males and females are trying to join. In one person's opinion, this is what happens when one leaves before a job is complete. As this is being written, the ISIS group of terrorists are sweeping through parts of Syria and Iraq and taking land that was fought and won during the last wars in Iraq. Now, we are back!

Please "Click" on the blocks below to visit with the Vietnam Era Soldiers from the Rockport area. We owe a debt of gratitude for their service to our country. May no Soldier returning from any war ever be treated like these wonderful soldiers were treated.

As you will see if you visit each Web Page, I have not included all of the area soldiers. I can only include the ones that I have pictures and write-ups on and have not left out anyone intentionally. If you know of any Vietnam Soldier that I have missed, I encourage you to send me or Hilma a picture and a short write-up and they will be included. Each soldier deserves their day of being recognized. Thanks for looking and please return soon.

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